About Me

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog.

I’m Anson LowZF, a father of 2 kids and working as a full-time digital marketing manager in a stonemason company.

However, this blog is not about digital marketing.

It's about coding.

I encounter a bottleneck of learning to code.

I keep forgetting:-

  1. What I've learned
  2. The coding article I read
  3. The video tutorial I watched.

Sometimes, I can't even recall where I learned the code when I need to use it in my project.

Then I come across these quotes.

You learn the most by sharing and teaching.
Writing and blogging help retain information or discover a solution.
Documenting and referencing the code you learned to strengthen your memory muscle.

Is it true? I not sure, but I am doing it with this blog and let's see the result after a year.

There are no magnificent grammars and beautiful words. My intention is to write in short but straight to the code and point while easy to understand.

PS: If you find that I can shorten my sentence some more, do not hesitate to tweet me @AnsonLowZF or email me @ zhanfaye@gmail.com


  1. Next.js
  2. Material-UI
  3. VS Code
  4. Tips & Trick by reading an article, watching YouTube and Googling

It’s never too late

Start your journey if you like coding.

I’m self-taught, start my web development journey with zero knowledge, without a computer science degree and from the age of 36. If I can build something, you can do it too.